Simply UV Light Air Purification System. FREE Second Bulb

(Model #: G406-1224)

The Simply UV system is mounted at the air conditioner coil of you Air Conditioning and HeatingĀ  System. It helps prevent growth of surface micro-organism contaminants such as mold on the air conditioning coil and drain pan.

Regular Price: $216

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A clean coil will restore efficiency to the cooling system. The Simply UV Light Purification System can also minimize unwanted odors in the air stream.



Simply UV kills up top 90% of mold on cooling coils.

Electrical Ratings:

Voltage Rating: 120Vac/240Vac, 50/60 Hz.
Input Current Rating: 750mA
Input Power Rating: 24W max

Temperature Ratings:

Bulb Temperature Range (in moving air): 40 to 170F
Ballasr Ambient Temperature Range: 30 to 125F
Shipping Temperature Range: -30 to 150F

Relative Humidity:

Up to 95% RH, non-condensing

Indoor Air Contaminants