UV-17FM – 17 Inch Flex Mount UV Light System

(Model #: 46630117 )

Flex UV Light Air Purifier The most powerful and versatile UV-Aire on the planet!
Easy installation with monster magnet. No holes or fasteners necessary & installs in minutes with no ductwork penetration.

Regular Price: $199

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  • Internal or external mount
  • 180 degrees articulating bracket
  • Two sizes – 13″ and 17″
  • Mounts over A-coil, inside A-coil, or in  duct
  • Ideal for package systems


  • Twin tube, high intensity lamp
  • Deflector shield included
  • Ballast and water resistant cable included

How It Works
The FlexMountUV™ can be installed using the monster magnet inside virtually any metal cabinet. It is easily positioned over or inside the A-coil with an articulating arm that pivots through 180 degrees. The optional deflector shield focuses the UV energy where it is needed most. The high output dual lamp generates twice the UV power in the space of a single lamp. For use in a traditional installation, the magnet can be easily removed allowing fasteners to be used instead.


Technical Downloads

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